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Our Services Business Model

AdaptiveOrg, creators of Lean-Agile Strategy started as a service business providing strategic advisory using an earlier version of Lean-Agile Strategy. Our intent, then, as now, was to be a different kind of advisor; one who helps their clients become self-sufficient as quickly as possible.

Our Principles guide how we deliver our Services
  1. Honesty: Only take engagements where we believe we can help the client. If we do not believe it is a mutual fit, we will respectfully decline the engagement

  2. Integrity: Only stay if we believe we are providing value. We will fire ourselves if we are not. And yes, we have fired ourselves

  3. Transparency: Help the client build the required internal capacity to take over what we do, as quickly as possible, and then leave

Put simply, we want to leave every customer in a better place than when we found them which includes self-sufficiency in Lean-Agile Strategy so they become resilient and sustainable organizations over the long-run. For us, profit occurs when we create value. Not because we stayed as long as we possibly could.
Our engagements are premised on enabling your organization to become self-sufficient as quickly as possible and our extensive blended learning curriculum for Lean-Agile Strategy is a key component to achieve that. We teach your people to be able to do what we do and then pair with them in a coaching stance so they can take over from us. 


All of Service Offerings operate on a 90-day strategic cadence at a maximum. Some of our server Partners may operate on shorter cadences. We ensure there is a fit with our strategic cadence.


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