AdaptiveOrg Strategic Discovery Engagement

Start today to map out your organizations' first steps on its transformation journey. 

The AdaptiveOrg Strategic Discovery Engagement is a series of ten (10), 90 minute, on-line interactive collaboration workshops where our highly skilled facilitators help your organization co-create its new future state.



What you and your organization gets from the engagement..

  • Organization clarity & coherence

  • Organizationally - everyone on the same page regarding:

    • True North Statement & Visualization

    • Organizational Root Cause Problem Statements

    • Organizational Opportunity Statements

    • Customer Impact Statements

    • Business Outcome Statements

    • End Outcomes

    • Intermediate Outcomes

    • Immediate Outcomes

    • Initial Capability Gap Analysis

    • Initial Asset Gap Analysis

    • Initial Ecosystem Strategy

    • Initial Execution Backlog

    • Initial Task  Sequencing Map

  • Assess to Miro On-line Interactive Collaboration Workspace

  • Every participant gets access to our LAS-Foundation Course

    • 4-6 hours of on-line self-paced know-how

    • Designed to help build your organizational capability... so that you don't need us​!

Our Principles guide how we deliver our Services
  1. Honesty:  If we do not believe that are services are a fit, and can provide value -we will respectfully decline 

  2. Integrity:  We stay only if we believe we are providing value. And if not, we have fired ourselves

  3. Transparency:  Help the client build the required internal capacity so they can be independent of us

Put simply, our objective is to leave every customer in a better place than when we found, helping to be self-sufficiency in Lean-Agile Strategy so they become resilient and sustainable organizations over the long-run.


For us, profit occurs when we create value. Not because we stayed as long as we possibly could.
Our engagements are premised on enabling your organization to become self-sufficient as quickly as possible and our extensive blended learning curriculum for Lean-Agile Strategy is a key component to achieve that. We teach your people to be able to do what we do and then pair with them in a coaching stance so they can take over from us.



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