Lean-Agile Strategy Foundation: LAS-F

An introduction to Lean-Agile Strategy for anyone interested in the basics.  (32 On-line self paced lessons, 4-6 Hours)


Lean-Agile Strategy Professional

A more  intense view including some simple case  designed for those that want to engage with LAS teams their organizations studies. On-line, self paced study. (1-2 weeks, Coming Soon)

Lean-Agile Strategy Facilitators

This session is designed for those who want to facilitate Lean-Agile Strategy Workshops. This is an intensive, in-depth session with case studies built from real engagements. On-line self-paced, with coaching sessions.

(4-8 weeks, Coming Soon)

Business Outcomes Explained

This is a mini-course to provide a clear understanding of Business Outcomes, why they are important, what they are and how to create them. On-line self  paced study. 

(4-5 Hours)