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Adaptability is the behaviour. Agility is the consequence.

From making strategic decisions to developing your capabilities, we are here to help.


Using our expertise and deep understanding of defining and designing strategic initiatives, we'll get your teams off on the right foot to develop real solutions and deliver true results fast.


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At AdaptiveOrg we have been helping organizations since 2000 to better understand and make Agile principles a core tenant of how they lead and enable their teams.

We have also seen teams that bought into these principles become frustrated and disillusioned because the rest of their organization (finance, procurement, HR, the business lines, executive team, etc.) were not willing to "get on board" with an Agile mindset.  


Organizations that succeed at Agile and achieve true strategic agility have a common capability - they are able to create and sustain shared context within and across their organizational boundaries.


Those that have this capability also understand why they exist and for whom. They are also expert in creating clarity around where they are going, and how they might get there.


We can help your organization develop your internal capability to develop a shared context for any challenge or opportunity you face. 



Honesty. Integrity. Transparency.

At AdaptiveOrg we work with executives who like to challenge the status quo, are willing to meet bold opportunities, and tackle what many would consider as intransigent problems.



Strategic Planners from around the world converged on Denver in mid-May for the Association's Annual Conference. We introduced our Adaptive Strategy Game in a master class at the conference, described by participants as "fun and engaging"

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Create a shared context within your teams, divisions, and key ecosystem partners with our Adaptive Strategy Game.

The game is based on six choreographed Plays that get teams up and running in as little as ten days to deliver something of value by the end of the first 90-day window. Described as fun and engaging, the Adaptive Strategy Game quickly builds a shared context among participants. At the end of each engagement, we leave the game, game materials and the facilitator's guide with your teams, so they can apply it on their own.

"The game looks like it will be an excellent resource for organizations who want to thrive in the digital age. I particularly like the focus on engagement with different roles, bringing the leaders on board, understanding the supplier network that supports products and services and the focus on outcomes (whether positive or negative!). I’ve not seen anything like this on the market before – most games seem to focus on a much shorter time frame and don’t offer this longer term perspective. Too many game type products rely on a single workshop, but there’s always the danger that the initial enthusiasm dies as soon as the facilitators leave the room. The section on visualizing strategic intent will add real value – too many organizations jump straight into the solution before they start looking for the problem they are trying to address. Larry has been exploring innovative ideas in and around the Agile space for as long as I’ve known him and it’s exciting to see these ideas evolve to the benefit of the whole organization. This game will be a useful tool for any organization starting to consider the impact of digital transformation".

Claire Agutter is a service management trainer, consultant and author. She is director at ITSM Zone, providing accredited eLearning in ITIL, DevOps, BRM and more, and also at Scopism, publisher of the SIAM Foundation and Professional BoKs. In 2017 and 2018 she was recognised as an HDI Top 25 Thought Leader and was part of the team that won itSMF UK’s thought leadership award.

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Want to become a digital organization? It's not about AI, or machine learning or big data. Those are solutions components, not strategies or business reasons. 


We can help you quickly gain clarity around your business reasons, and help you design strategies for getting to a new future by becoming a purpose-driven organization that can make better investment decisions, faster. We also show you to gather the evidence necessary to decide if the direction is chosen good enough or you need to pivot. 

Our business model is simple. We help you and your teams to quickly become independent of rather than dependent on us.

Our approach is designed with the knowledge that people learn best by doing. In each of the Plays in our game, we introduce the core concepts in small chunks. You and your teams then get to apply the concepts immediately to the real problems and opportunities you face. 

You'd be surprised how quickly and how far your teams can go when they are fully enabled.

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In a few weeks, AdaptiveOrg helped my division create a shared understanding of why we exist, our destination, and the gaps we needed to address to create new data product MVPs  - not our standard business operating model.

Richard Evans, Director General, Industry Stats Division, Statistics Canada


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